Writing the Climate

I’ve been thinking (and writing) a lot recently about the climate emergency, and its unequal impact on different communities across the world. I am delighted that one of my new stories relating to this is published in The Hopper today.

If you’re interested in reading and writing more about the climate, poet Linda France is currently running some wonderful events at New Writing North as the Climate Writer in Residence (for NWN and Newcastle University). The sessions are all free to attend – Linda’s writing hour offers a great chance to take a sliver of time out of your day for writing in a non-pressured environment. Linda’s free Climate Reading Group is looking at some stunning books, including Pascale Petit’s Mama Amazonica – a collection which I return to over and over again.

There are many brilliant organisations and publications working tirelessly on issues of climate change and inequality. Inkcap Journal is a great source of research and journalism about conservation and nature in Britain, and your local Wildlife Trust will have lots of opportunities and ideas of how you can act on behalf of the environment in your area. You can also sign up for their 30 Day Wild challenge, for June, which is great for kids.

It is important that the climate, the environment (and bees!) are not simply co-opted as another feel-good marketing tool – to sell more products. If you are interested in reading more about climate change and its effects on racial and economic inequalities, these articles in Yale Environment 360, The Conversation and Time might be of interest.

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