Free writing workshop

I’m running a lunchtime writing workshop on Wednesday 5 May at Union St (online), exploring extraordinary things in everyday life. Come and join me to reflect on ordinary objects, routines and rooms, and to track down glimmers of hope, light and optimism!

You don’t need any previous writing experience – just register and come along! We’ll do a couple of brief mindfulness and writing exercises together but there’ll be no pressure to share writing. The workshop will offer a supportive, friendly space to share ideas, and I’ll also offer some tricks and techniques which you can use if you’re feeling stuck – in your writing, work or life!

Photo Credit: Joe Horner

We’ll think about how we might weave these glimmers of hope into bright threads for the future: positive ways of imagining the kinds of communities and connections we’d like to see in the world.

The workshop is online and free to attend but tickets are limited. You need to book via Eventbrite to attend.

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