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Bower, Rachel & Simon Armitage, eds. Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons. Faber (under contract).

Bower, Rachel. Mothers of Gods (under review). A selection of poems from this collection were recently highly commended in the Poetry Book Society/ Mslexia Pamphlet Prize 2019/20.

Bower, Rachel. Poets of Northern England and Nigeria Unite: Collaboration and Conflict, 1950- 1970. (Routledge, under contract).

Bower, Rachel. Moon Milk. Valley Press, 2018.

Bower, Rachel. Epistolarity and World Literature, 1980-2010. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

Bower, Rachel and Helen Mort (eds). Verse Matters. Scarborough: Valley Press, 2017.


Bower, Rachel. “Anthologies and the Materials of Nigerian Poetry” Cambridge Quarterly, Special Issue: The Materials of African Literatures (forthcoming 2020)

Bower, Rachel & Jarad Zimbler. “Introduction: The Materials of African Literatures” Cambridge Quarterly, Special Issue: The Materials of African Literatures (forthcoming 2020)

Bower, Rachel. “Collaboration and Conflict: Correspondence, Interviews and Anthologies.” Cambridge Companion on J.M. Coetzee. 2018 Ed. Jarad Zimbler (forthcoming, 2020).

Bower, Rachel. “Nigeria, Masks and Masque.” New Light on Tony Harrison, Ed. Edith Hall, Oxford: Oxford University Press & British Academy, 2018.

Bower, Rachel. “Writing Birth.” Wild Court. 14 November 2018.

Bower, Rachel. “Tony Harrison in Nigeria: Teacher, Translator and Dramatist.” Tony Harrison: International Man of LettersSpecial Issue of English Studies, February 2018.

Bower, Rachel and Jacob Blakesley. “Introduction.” Tony Harrison: International Man of LettersSpecial Issue of English Studies, February 2018.

Bower, Rachel. “Tony Harrison’s Unblinking Eye.” Stand 15.3 (Tony Harrison Birthday Issue) November 2017.

Bower, Rachel. “A Snake in the Garden.” Special Issue of Stand on Geoffrey Hill. 15.2 (2017): 67-69.

Bower, Rachel. “John Berger: Epistolarity and a Life in Letters.” On John Berger: Telling Stories. Eds. David Malcolm and Ralf Hertel. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2015.

Bower, Rachel. “Epistolary Craft and the Literary Field.The Journal of Commonwealth Literature 49.3 (2014): 315-331.

Zimbler, Jarad, Ben Etherington and Rachel Bower, eds. Crafts of World Literature. Spec. issue of The Journal of Commonwealth Literature 49.3 (2014): 273-278.

Bower, Rachel. “Epistolary Correspondence with the Past in Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion.” Journal of Canadian Literature 219 (Winter 2013): 57-74.

Bower, Rachel. “The Operation of Literary Institutions in the Construction of National Literary Aesthetics: Fadia Faqir’s My Name is Salma.” From Compositor to Collector: Essays on the Book Trade 1660-2010. Eds. John Hinks and Matthew Day. British Library/Oak Knoll, 2012: 181-196.


Bower, Rachel. Review of Girl by Rebecca GossStand Magazine, 17.3.

Bower, Rachel. Review of Poetry, Print, and the Making of Postcolonial Literature by Nathan Suhr-Sytsma. Journal of Postcolonial Writing (July 2018).

Bower, Rachel. Review of What is a World? by Pheng Cheah. World Literature Special Issue of Seminar 54.2 (2018): 272-274.

Bower, Rachel. Review of Measures of Expatriation by Vahni Capildeo. Stand 15.4 (2017/2018).

Bower, Rachel. Review of The Book In Africa ed. by Caroline Davis and David Johnson. Textual Cultures 10.1 (2016): 83-85.

Bower, Rachel. Review of The Stonegate Devil by Carole Bromley, Demeter Does Not Remember by Mary Madec and Letter to My Rival by Merryn Williams. Stand 14.3 (2016).

Bower, Rachel. Review of A Bird is Not a Stone: An Anthology of Contemporary Palestinian Poetry ed. By Harry Bell and Sarah Irving, and This Room is Waiting: Poems from Iraq and the United Kingdom ed. by Van Winkle, Ryan and Lauren Pyott. Stand 14.2 (2016).

Bower, Rachel Review of Blood on the Tides: The Ozidi Saga and Oral Epic Narratology by Isidore Okpewho. Leeds African Studies Bulletin (2016). –

Bower, Rachel. Review of Postcolonial Life Narratives by Gillian Whitlock. Journal of Postcolonial Writing (Nov, 2015).

Bower, Rachel. Review of Wolf, Wolf by Eben Venter and The Restless Supermarket by Ivan Vladislavić. Wasafiri 2015.

Bower, Rachel. “Toni Morrison” and “Michael Ondaatje”. Blackwell Encylopedia of Postcolonial Studies. Eds. Henry Schwarz and Sangeeta Ray.

Bower, Rachel. Review of The Cat’s Table by Michael Ondaatje. Wasafiri 72 (2012): 103-105.

Bower, Rachel. “Arab Archives and Transitional Justice.” Postcolonial Studies Association Newsletter (2012): 4-6.

Bower, Rachel. “Interview with Fadia Faqir, March 2010.” Journal of Postcolonial Writing 48.1 (2012): 3-12.

Bower, Rachel. Review of Eleven Houses by Christopher Fitz-Simon and The Invisible Prison by Pat Boran. Wasafiri 67 (September 2011): 83-84.

Bower, Rachel, Désha Osborne & Oliver Ross. “Interview with M. G. Vassanji.” Wasafiri: Special Issue “Indian Oceans” 66.2/3 (June 2011): 3-7. Republished by invitation in Emerging Perspectives on M.G. Vassanji. Eds. Tony Simoes da Silva and JKS Makokha, 2012.

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