Poetry in Translation

It has been a pleasure working with Yin Xiaoyuan at the Encyclopedic Poetry School in China, who are celebrating their 12th anniversary this year. Xiaoyuan has translated a number of my poems into Chinese, and continues to work tirelessly to translate poems from all over the world. The Encyclopedic Poetry School is an independent, experimental literary group, which Xiaoyuan founded in 2007, and which works hard to make poetry more widely accessible.

This year the School is marking the 12th anniversary through a range of videos, postcards and readings to celebrate their important work.

The Encyclopedic Poetry School also recently held their inaugural International Day which included a range of readings and talks. Here’s wishing the School all the very best with their next 12 years!

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    1. Hi Claire! Thanks for this. I’m happy to put you in touch – it’s brilliant that you’re going to China. I’ll send you a message 🙂


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