Intersectional feminism, photography and poetry

As part of the Women’s Paths Seminar Series at the University of Leeds, I will be giving an informal talk which will combine my poetry, feminist arts work and thoughts on the urgency of intersectional work in the current political context.

The event will take place on Tuesday 4 April from 5.15pm – 6.45pm in the School of English and all are welcome. I will read a few poems and talk about the monthly intersectional feminist arts night, Verse Matters, which I founded in 2015. I hope to look critically at the policing of recent protests, reflecting on the difference between the policing of Black Lives Matters protests and the Womens’ ‘Pussy Hat’ Marches of January 2017.

I will invite discussion about how to develop and grow intersectional feminist movements, particularly given the current climate of misogyny, racism and xenophobia.

The event will also feature a talk on photography and feminism from Gill Park (School of Fine Arts).

Women’s Paths Seminar Series: An evening of feminism, photography and poetry

Speakers: Gill Park (Fine Art) and Rachel Bower (English)

When: Tuesday 4 April, 5.15-6.45pm

Where: Alumni room, School of English, 10 Cavendish Road

Cost: Free


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