Verse Matters #SheFest 2017

After an amazing Verse Matters in February (where we had about 100 people in the audience) and another brilliant Hive-Verse Matters young people’s open mic, we are back next Thursday 9 March @ The Moor Theatre Deli for a special event for International Women’s Day 2017.

There will be powerful featured performances from Anna Percy (Stirred, Manchester), Carole Eades (Gorilla, Sheffield), Louise Clines (Broomhill Writers, Sheffield), Chella Quint (Sheffield) and Emily Johnson (musician).

There will also be ace open mic performances from Aiyanna Lund, Raluca Deso, Louise Delamere, Lily Karena & Aaron Thierry.

The event is a collaboration with SheFest: a Sheffield-wide Fringe Festival held during March to celebrate International Women’s Day.

We will be collecting food/ sanitary products for the S2 Food Bank as always. Pay what you can. We look forward to welcoming you to Verse Matters!

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