Education, Rights and Migration

There are lots of fantastic events happening at Universities across the North of England which connect local and international issues.

Oluwale copy On Friday 26 February, the School of English at the University of Leeds is hosting an event on Remembering Human Rights in an Age of Crisis in partnership with the David Oluwale Memorial Association. Speakers include Gary Younge, Caryl Phillips, Corinne Silva, and George McKay, and the purpose is to consider the aftermath of David Oluwale’s life and death beyond Leeds, and in relation to recent events in the US as well as at the EU and UK borders. More details about the day can be found at Oluwale NowThis is a free event but tickets need to be booked in advance via

On 15 January the Northern Postcolonial Network ran an art and poetry workshop on Asylum, Refuge and Migration hosted by the Universities of Salford and Manchester. Some of the creative pieces produced in the workshop were installed as part of an exhibition that was displayed at the Third Biannual Northern Postcolonial Symposium: Asylum, Refuge, Migration two weeks later, 29 January 2016, at MediaCityUK, University of Salford.

A boat filled to overflowing sketched on calico material before embroidery at NPN workshop
A boat filled to overflowing sketched on calico material before embroidery at NPN workshop

Look out for the 4th Biannual Northern Postcolonial Network Symposium, on June 17th which runs in association with the Institute for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies (Leeds) and hosted by the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett. The event will focus on Postcolonial Education: Teaching, Learning and Schooling in and after Empire, and more details will be available soon.

On 10 March, Professor Manuel Barcia will give his inaugural lecture on ‘Slave Rebellions or Actions of War? Understanding West African Armed Resistance in Bahia and Cuba, 1807-1844’ at the Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) in Leeds. For more details and to reserve a place please see here. The Centre for World Literatures (Leeds) celebrates its official launch on 21 April and the event will include a lecture by Theo d’haen, Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Leuven (Conference Auditorium 2, University of Leeds).

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