From Mugen to the Moor Theatre Deli

We had a brilliant last night at the fantastic Mugen Tea House on Scotland St on Thursday 4 February. Sai Murray read some inspiring poems and a very funny (but sobering) short story, Arian Sadr gave a mesmerising performance on his Tonbak (Persian goblet drum) and Daf (circular frame drum), and and London-based Hannah Chutzpah performed some funny and incredibly moving poems.

Photo Credit: Studio Balko

There were also great open mic performances from Kristina Diprose (Poet), Chris Rodgers (Sheffield Writer/short stories), Mick Nott and Laura Chruch (Lyrics/Sheffield Friday Night Ride), Will Banks (Poet) and Liz Ferrets (Poet).

Photo Credit: Studio Balko

We will miss Sarah‘s wonderful hospitality and tea at the Mugen Tea House and want to thank her again for all of her support to Verse Matters.

Our next event will be at the Moor Theatre Delicatessen on Thursday 3 March to celebrate International Women’s Day! Join us for more fantastic performances. We will hear from River Wolton (Poet) with her inspiring poetry, listen to fantastic verse from Carol Eades (Gorilla, Poet) and wonderful music from Fi Helsing (Musician).

There’ll also be great open mic performances from Suzannah Evans (Bank St Arts, Poet), Marina Poppa (Firm of Poets), Ben Jackson (Poet), Laura Church (Poet, Lyrics), Janine Smedley (Poet) and more!

It will be the same great Verse Matters – solidarity and inspiration in a supportive space, but in the Theatre Deli!

Cost: Pay what you can. £3 suggested donation. All door profits split between featured artists. Free entry for open mic participants.

We look forward to welcoming you to Verse Matters!

The Facebook event is here:

For more info get in touch with Rachel Bower at

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