Pre-order ‘Moon Milk’

I’m excited that my new poetry pamphlet, ‘Moon Milk’ is now available to pre-order with Valley Press!

The poems seek to explore the complex, and often hidden, experiences of pregnancy, birth and early childhood. More details about the launch to follow.

‘Moon Milk blew me away. I love the mythologizing, the variety of form, the delicate handling of emotion and the feminist angle. A very fine book.’  Carole Bromley

‘Rachel Bower’s poems brim with generosity and intelligence. Her work takes an unsentimental-but-joyous look at motherhood, and there’s always hope and comfort in the way her writing defamiliarises the world. These poems are intimate and honest, full of strange fruit, glimpses of the moon, moments of privacy. They create new desire paths in language – paths you won’t be able to resist following.’  Helen Mort

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