Sheffield to Aleppo

My new poem, Sheffield to Aleppo, November 2016, was recently published on Wildcat Dispatches: for Dangerous Times.

You can read the poem, along with an important piece on Syria by Mark Boothroyd and Wildcat’s Statement on Aleppo on the Wildcat Dispatches website.

This is the poem in full:


Sheffield to Aleppo, November 2016


It’s only a firework I whisper

thumb tucked into her palm


but her eyes reflect a spark

that tells me that somewhere


she knows this isn’t quite true –

that a shot can echo when stars skim seas

that shrapnel can whistle through waves

screeching fear in bruising skies


and I stroke floss hair and sweet bun cheeks

damp from steam, breathing milk

and I ache for it only to be fireworks


for thumbs in the dark to be enough

to stop glazed buns cracking in the dust

for shells that spill only golden fish

for grazes that heal with the fizz


of a rocket and I kneel

in the night and feel her sleep.



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