Keep up the fight

Trump’s election victory this morning has left many reeling. It is time to grieve, but not time to abandon the fight against injustice, xenophobia racism, misogyny and sexual violence. Over the last 18 months we have grown a powerful community in Sheffield in which people have felt safe enough to come to events to share their experiences of sexual abuse, violence, incarceration, racism and mental health issues as well as sharing love, empathy, righteous anger, laughter and silliness.

The grim election results over the last three years in Britain, India and the US are truly an insult to the courage of these people. Anyone who has been along to Verse Matters events knows that it is about much more than beautiful art and nice photos, however much we use these to widen the reach of the group.

We are stronger together and Verse Matters exists to bear witness to continuing inequality and injustice and to resist this locally, nationally and internationally, as well as to support those most affected by the difficult times in which we are living. There is no gender equality without racial equality, there is no racial equality without economic equality. We are in it together. This is an invitation to join communities like Verse Matters through which we can further these aims and continue to build resistance, locally and across borders.

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