Verse Matters: International Women’s Day

We had a wonderful first night at the Moor Theatre Deli to celebrate International Women’s Day 2016 as part of SheFest Sheffield.

Amy Kinsman (Poet) performed a fantastic set of poems and Fiona Helsing shared her amazing, powerful music. River Wolton (Poet) read her wonderful poems and there were also brilliant open mic performances from Ayan Abdi (Poet) Suzannah Evans (Bank St Arts), Marina Poppa (A Firm of Poets), Ben Jackson (Forest Sounds), Laura Church (Poet), Janine Smedley (Poet) and Katherine Henderson (Poet)!

We also collected lots of donations for the S2 Foodbank – thanks to everyone who donated.

It was a warm, powerful evening of solidarity. Thank you to everyone who came along and performed and witnessed.

Please get in touch with Rachel Bower for more information about future events at

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