Sheffield Poem-a-Thon for Refugees


sheffield-poem-a-thon-RGB-webflyer-1 copyOn 2 April, myself and many of the poets who have performed at Verse Matters are reading poems in Sheffield for the Poem-a-Thon for Refugees and Asylum Seekers, raising money for ASSIST who work with destitute asylum seekers and refugees in Sheffield. ASSIST is a fantastic charity which has been working in Sheffield for many years.

We’re working as a team, and the team has raised thousands in the first week. If you can, please pick any poet to sponsor from our team page:

ASSIST says that:

£5 could cover expenses for a weekend’s hospitality for an asylum seeker in need of somewhere to sleep
£17 could cover travel expenses to enable an asylum seeker to get to medical and legal appointments
£20 could give a vulnerable asylum seeker a week’s ASSISTgrant to enable them to buy some food

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