Once I caught a fish alive…

There’s some fantastic spoken word and poetry events going on in Sheffield at the moment. Up Scribe – a group who have been working with homeless and vulnerable people at the Cathedral Archer project – recently launched a book of fiction, memoir and poetry by the writers they have been working with. The book, called Lights Through the Shadow, contains some incredibly moving pieces, particularly by Danielle Jeanee Richards, who will be reading her poems for us at the launch of Verse Matters on Thursday 9 July. I’m looking froward to working with Up Scribe on their next project with AFC Unity, the alternative women’s football team in Sheffield. 

Upscribe pic

There were also some inspiring performances and readings during Sheffield’s Refugee Week.The Moor’s Theatre Deli had a full week of events, including some great readings at the ‘Women’s Voices’ session (DEWA) from Ethel Maqeda, Tchiyiwe Chihana, Jeannie McGinnis, Violet Dickenson and River Wolton.


There was also Castlegate Festival (Saturday) at the end of Refugee Week, with some great poetry and music at Bank Street Arts. Sai Murai (Tangled Roots poet) gave a stunning reading of his work, and even adapted it for the toddlers in the room. His poem about over-fishing and imperialism was made all the more haunting when accompanied by a four year old quietly singing along with ‘1, 2, 3, 4 5, once I caught a fish alive’.

Castlegate Castlegate 2

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