The power of words

There’s a great write-up of the Verse Matters anthology in the Yorkshire Post this week. Yvette Hiddleston says

There is a huge diversity and range of work here, all imbued with a forceful sense of the potential power of hope and humanity, dialogue and empathy. It is an important, healing book for our divisive times.

The review makes special mention of Mimi Mesfin (Yenenesh) from Ethiopia and Bashara Farahat from Syria. Mimi’s poem, “Missing my Mum”, originally in Amharic, is from ‘Yenafikot engurguro‘ – the song that people hum when they are missing someone. The poem is printed in the original Amharic, as well as English in the book.


You can buy a copy of the book direct from Valley Press. Enjoy!






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