New poems

There are some lovely poetry journals around, and I’ve had the pleasure of publishing in a few of them this month.

My poem “Note to a Neighbour” was published this month in the sparkling “Ice and Snow” issue of The Writers’ Cafe Magazine #3. They’ve got a call out for their next issue, “Time and Space”, so check that out! There’s an extremely fast turnaround from submission to publication and editor, Marie Lightman, is very responsive, so send in your poems!

My poem, “Big Issue” was published in the equally brilliant Picaroon Poetry Issue #11 – the web journal ‘for rogue poems’ – edited by the wonderful poet and editor, Kate Garrett. Kate is the founding editor of Three Drops Press, as well as Picaroon Poetry and the horror/gothic webzine Lonesome October Lit so check out some of their offerings!

I am also delighted to have been shortlisted for the 2017 Flambard Poetry Prize and to have poems forthcoming in The Interpreter’s House, Peacock Journal and Frontier Poetry   over the next month or so.  It just shows what happens when you send lots of poems out into the world – so get submitting!


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