Reach for 100 rejections a year

Malika Booker recently posted a link to an article that advises writers to aim for 100 rejections a year. It’s all about accepting rejections as part of the process rather than as some kind of ultimate judgement. It turns out that it’s very sensible advice. I decided to send more writing of my writing off and have since had work accepted in some great publications (as well as improving my collection of rejections of course!)

I was really excited to hear that my poem ‘Amber’ was shortlisted for the London Magazine Poetry Prize, alongside some brilliant poets. The short story competition 2016 is now open so get entering!

I’ve also recently had poems published in the important Remembering Oluwale anthology published by Valley Press; on the brilliant site, Visual Verse; in Stand 14.2 (2016) and in the wonderful Three Drops Beltane Anthology.

Aim high on those rejections!

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